What is the Difference


What is a Medium?

The most important aspect to understand about any Medium is that they are specifically able to communicate with spirits. Meaning, that all mediums are also psychics, however not all psychics are mediums! Another big difference is that mediums are usually concerned with providing information about the past or present, as opposed to other types of psychics, who usually concentrate on predicting events in the future.


So what is a Psychic?

So, let’s start with psychics – after all, they are what this site is all about! Probably the most important thing to remember about the word “psychic” is that it covers a whole range of different people, all of whom are gifted with some form of ESP, whether this happens to be predicting the future, contacting the dead or anything else. It should be remembered that everyone has some level of psychic ability – including you – therefore meaning that we could all be described as psychics in some way. Those who really deserve the name though are those who have refined their skills over time.


The Clairs

  • Clairvoyance -clear seeing
  • Claircognizance - clear knowing
  • Clairaudience - clear hearing
  • Clairempathy -clear emotional feeling
  • Clairgustance. - clear tasting
  • Clairsentience - clear physical feeling
  • Clairtangency - clear touching
  • Clairsalience - clear smelling

The Zodiacs


March 21-April 20

1st House- Your body, your appearance, and your temperament.

Archetype-The Prince     Element- Fire    

Colors- Red                   Animal- Hawk

Symbol-Ram                 Tarot-The Fool

*Masculine sign, great speakers, leaderships positions, confident (but can also be overly confident). They are courageous, determined, energetic, but can also lack patience.

*Always in need of someone around to make them feel important or to do things for them. 

*Learns what is needed to survive in life. 

*If Aries doesn't get what they want in life, the same social lessons will need to be learned over and over again. 

*Aries doesn't see the world as cause & effect, and in many cases they become the troublemaker, the jokester,  or the prankster as a way to let out their frustrations (or misunderstandings). 

*Aries would rather avoid conflict than face the karma they deserve. 

*Aries can never be too sure of themselves, tend to makes messes of situations, but can also be innocent in these messes, as they are perceived as childlike, that off a "prince" (always earning and growing). Aries can be oblivious to situations, and are happy or content with how they perceive their world, even if their world is more fantasy.

*Aries needs to learn to let go of their ego.



April 21 - May 21

2nd House: Personal finances, material possessions, concept of value.

Archetype- the Romantic        Symbol- Bull       

Element- Earth     Tarot- The Lovers       

Color- Green      Animal- Beaver

*Always falling in love and out of love, needs stability, all about family and friends.. 

*Wants what they want, and will not stop until they get it, and will have it until they no longer want it. 

*Very grounded in the world and very capable of a great career. 

*Infatuated with beauty, love, and perfection.

*The Taurus is very reliable, financially educated, practical, and ambitious.

*Family oriented, trustworthy, and loyal.

*Down to earth 

*Although Taurus has the taste for the finer things in life, they can be self indulgent and materialistic,  they still remain frugal and generous.

*Taurus can be possessive at times and a tad lackadaisical as well as stubborn!

*Taurus needs to be more open minded.



May 22 - June 21

3rd House- Communication, transportation, and community.

Element- Air       Symbol- Twins

Tarot- The Magician    Color- Yellow

Animal- Glyph   Archetype- The Chameleon

*Indecisive, intelligent, inquisitive, and needs stimulation.

*Gemini is witty and clever, a "jack of all trades" but a master of none. 

*Gemini traits can be jovial, open minded, and concrete. 

*Gemini's will jump job to job, relationship to relationship as the chameleon that they are. 

*Gemini's can be perceived as deceitful, manipulative, fickle and precarious. This is because a Gemini feels little remorse about what they leave in their past at a drop of a dime. When a Gemini is ready to leap, they will JUMP on the opportunity if it means they will experience life to the fullest!

*Gemini needs to become less anxious and more grounded.



June 21 - July 22

4th House- Home & family.

Archetype- The Healer    Element- Water

Symbol- Crab     Animal- Crab    

Tarot- Empress   Colors- Grey

*Emotional, intense, impulsive, selective.

* Finds it difficult to let go, and feels they are the target of sabotage.

*One of the more negative Zodiac signs because a person who's sign is Cancer, tends to be a huge nagger, overly pessimistic, gets bogged down quite easily by setbacks and failures.

*Cancers are also temperamental, unpredictable (can be a good thing), and overwhelming for others at times.

*Cancers tend to be clingy, as they tend to change who they are on the exterior, to be accepted in to a different social crowd. 

*On a positive note, Cancers are very creative, they are loving to those all around them. They have a quirky, awkward, way of showing loving affection.

*Cancer are always willing to help anyone, hence the archetype. They are peacemakers, and are the "mommies" of the world, they take care of many.

*They need to learn to let go of the past.



July 22 - August 21

5th House- Playfulness, Creativity,  romance, and children.

Archetype- The Spark    Element- Fire

Animal- Lion   Tarot- The World     Color-  Gold

*Leo's are not born leaders, kings, or somewhat of a great influence, however they speak what is on their mind, and demand people hear what they have to say. 

*Leo's tend to be a little vain, but are  hard workers, and often noticed for their vivacious , fearless, dominating personality.

*Very independent, more so that they believe the world revolves around them, and others should think that way as well. 

*Leo's have the strongest temper of all the Zodiacs, due to their rebellious and opinionated nature. So don't tick one off!

*On the more positive side, Leo's are the nicest caring, loving, romantic, considerate, level headed people. 

*Loyal to the end, very intelligent, and will always leave a lasting impression.

*Leo's need to learn to be happy with themselves.



August 22 - Sept 23

6th House- Health, physical and mental wellness, routines, odd "to-do's."

Tarot- The Emperor      Symbols- Virgin   Color- Browns\Greens  

Element- Earth      Animal- Bear

*The body you’re born with exists in the 1st House of Aries, but the choices we make throughout our lifetime will create the body found in this House. 

*Reflective, Analytical, scrutinizing, and great at problem solving.

*Virgo's are fueled by organization and structure and tend to focus on time and calendar management (like being the boss).

*Virgo's tend to be a logical, and act as a perfectionist, which is why they make good managers and bosses. 

*Hard workers, although, hardly ever does the work they do get noticed, but they will not quit until the job is done.

*On the not so light side, Virgo's don't use their inner voice, although they are well spoken, they tend to hide their emotions. 

*They can come off as critical, sometimes even cold and discriminating. 

*Virgo needs to learn to be less critical of others.



September 24- October 23

7th House- Resembles closing deals, securing a position in life by essentially signing contracts .

Element- Air      Symbol- Scales   Animal-  The Wolf/Raven

Archetype- The Performer     Color- Pink\Blue       Tarot- Temperance

*Seeker of truth, beauty, balance, and sees both sides of an argument.

*Libra is "The Performer"  of the Zodiac's simply because their image is their number one concern. 

*Kind, independent, highly social, gentle and lovers of things beautiful. They want peace & harmony. However, they have a hard time saying "no".

*Externally,  Libra's are very mis understood, as they are happy, social, and out going, on the inside they can be opinionated, insecure, and very hard on themselves.

* They rarely think of their needs first, so they repress and internalize what they think\feel. Causing them to become a bit narcissistic at times.

*Librans need to have balance in their life in all areas, professional, personal, and social.

*Needs to have a balanced emotional life.



October 24- November 22

8th House- Transformation, sex, and death. Infatuation with supernatural. 

Archetype- The Catalyst       Color- Red         Animal - Snake              

Symbol- Scorpio      Tarot- The Tower   Element- Water

*Scorpios are very complicated. They are self-willed, transient, passionate, intelligent. Prone to be jealous, possessive and secretive!

*Scorpios are sharp tongued, but they try to be honest, but may come off critical. They are competitive with themselves too.

*Scorpios that want to make the world a better place will create a world around them that is made of perfection,  Scorpios that are content with their reality will be more hermit like. 

*They are psychic and may have healing powers.

*Scorpios need to learn to forgive, that includes forgiving themselves.



November 23- December 22

9th House- Represents knowledge and  education, skill sets, travel, and gaining a new perspective.

Element -Fire      Symbol- Archer   Archetype- The Humanitarian

Animal- Owl     Color- Blue      Tarot- The Star

*Philosophical, experimental, and optimistic, imaginative, and creative.

*Uneasy with routine and any type of stagnation. Needs stimulation.

*A seeker of truth and knowledge.

* Needs to remove as much pride and accept tolerance as best as they can. 

*Sagittarius people tend to lack the backbone needed to deal with abusive or ill tempered people. 

*They cower to the strength of those around them, and need to stick to those that are sensitive like they are.

*Needs to learn to remove pride and accept tolerance of others.



December 23- January 20

10th House- Represents the public image, professional aspirations, and career achievements. The Top of the Natal chart. "Midheaven"

Archetype- The Master     Element- Earth    Symbol- Sea Goat

Animal- Goose     Tarot- The Heirophant   Color- Black

*Determined, Dominant,  Persevering, practical,  competitive, and stubborn.

*Capricorns are problem solvers and can do so easily. They have an ability to think outside the box.

*They work around the clock.

*will only ever have one true love.

* Capricorns find it a challenge to except change, especially if they are committed to an idea.

*Must learn and master all things.

*The most spiritual intuitive of the Zodiacs.

*Capricorns must realize that it is alright to be DIFFERENT! Accepting oneself is hard, but it is how it should be.



January 21- February 19

11th House- Represent evolutionary ideas, and defining the role within society.

Element- Air     Animal- Otter     Color- Teal

Tarot- The High Priestess       Symbol- Water Bearer    Archetype- The Guru

*The Aquarius needs to learn to stop swimming against the current and go with the flow. 

*Aquarius' are known as the troubled geniuses of the Zodiac.

* Likes to be in a crowd, but only to observe from a distance and will engage when needed.

*Don't pick a debate \fight with an Aquarius, as they will pick apart all you thought you knew about a subject. They will win!

*Teachers of the world, They can assimilate anything in society to help bring a functional and progressive world.



February 20 - March 20

12th House-Known as “The Unseen Realm." Represents all things existing without physical forms, like dreams, secrets,  fears and emotions.

Element- Water    Tarot - The Moon    Color- Blue         

Symbol- Two Fish         Archetype- The Dreamer     Animal- Wolf

*Reactive, imaginative, indecisive , artistic, ,expressive, and deeply intuitive. 

*Very much a dreamer, and may even astral project at times during mundane activity (driving)...

*Finds difficulty facing reality.

*Pisces are difficult to get to know simply because they come off numb, protected, and guarded. 

*Intense people, they exude a sort of mystery  or coldness about them. 

*They can come off impractical, detached, and even melodramatic. They are almost in a dream state of mind, most of the time.

*On the interior, Pisces are dreamers, and really deeply romantic, sentimental, charming and bohemian in a way. 

*Pisces needs to learn to stand in their own power.