our paranormal team

Trevor Tolley


Not only Missy's husband, but he is also a Usui Reiki Master & Teacher. He also heads the Paranormal Group founded in 2018. He goes on nearly every location with Missy, and together, they are the duo team that many have said similar to Ed & Lorain Warren! You can meet Trevor at a location, event, or when you book a Reiki session with him! He does the interviews and research regarding the location of the paranormal activity. He has a full time job where he is the head of IT Production for an Engineering Company based in Hudson, OH. His background is in IT, Pain Management, and he is also an Empath! Missy also says he is an amazing dad! You can contact Trevor at 330-257-9751

Jeremy Grubbs


Jeremy is our Tech and Camera guy. He has had years of experience in Digital Diagnostics, Computer Programming & analytics. He comes to a location that has paranormal activity using his own tools. He has invented a series of tools that are used on locations that Scientifically Verify abnormalities in energy fields, as well as voice boxes, EMF detector, and more! Jeremy is also learning Usui Reiki from Trevor. Jeremy works with Trevor to investigate a location and what history may be attainable and may have a connection  to a location that has activity. You can contact Jeremy at 330-821-6910

Jennifer Powell


Meet Jenn! Missy's dear friend and the event planner, appointment booker, and Public Relations Manager for Missy and her team, all while running a family business with her hubby Ryan over nearly 30 years! She has years of experience with the paranormal and is no stranger to the otherside. She listens to every person she comes into contact with and helps everyone feel comfortable, usually being the first contact you will have with Missy's team, she knows instinctively how to make you feel better. No wonder Missy just loves her! They actually met during a reading! You may meet her too when you book a group reading! You can contact Jenn @ 330-417-6814 

Medium Missy


Meet Missy Tolley! She is no ordinary person for sure. With a background in Social work,  Gerontology, Marketing and other fun things, her  No. 1 focus is on her family, friends, and touching as many people as she can. She is down to earth, funny, and has a connection with the other side that is so special. She has done readings for people all over the world. She is known to also help with missing persons cases, and although authorities would never admit to using her guidance, she has offered her services in more than a few cases. You can contact Missy at MediumMissy@gmail.com, please be patient for a response!

Alyssa Benedict


Alyssa is small in size but MIGHTY strong!  She  has a knack for wanting to help people, and as a Professional Hair Stylist she does just that. She  is also newly married to her hubby Jeff! Alyssa is very unique, she not only has had experience with Spirit, but she is also experienced with the darker energies as well. She has been working with Missy and has gained experience in cleansings and blessings of people, locations and learning about objects with spirits attached to them. Alyssa is a strong Intuitive Medium, you may get a chance to meet her during an investigation.