Live Show Saturday Dec 5th 7pm @ The Canton Palace Theatre: Canton, OH

Missy Tolley Spiritual Medium & Motivational Speaker

Missy Tolley Spiritual Medium & Motivational SpeakerMissy Tolley Spiritual Medium & Motivational Speaker


"The Comedian Mediums" on Spotify

You can listen to the podcast "The Comedian Mediums" a comical side to the paranormal with Medium Missy Tolley & Jesse Massengale. Don't forget to subscribe!

How to get a reading


By making a donation your support of the podcast will help Missy & Jesse cover their expenses to run and operate the podcast as it consumes a lot of time, energy, and personal resources. This podcast offers paranormal information, interviews with professionals, and surprise readings! 

 Once your donation has been made, you will nominate a loved one for a surprise reading. Only lighthearted messages will come through for them to aide in the healing process that will bring some sort of closure to their questions or concerns with a laughter and joy. 

Those that donate to the podcast, your nominee will be entered into the que for a readings done on Wednesdays and Sundays.

big news

We have an awesome celebrity interview with a Paranormal Investigative team coming the last week in April!

Also, the entire month of May, Missy will be doing a weekly surprise reading for a nominated mommy, mom, mum, momma, ma, nanna, grandma, ahma, memaw, grams, and so many others! Good Luck!

Podcast Contributions


When making a donation, please include their contact information so your loved one can be contacted. Calls will be made by a private number.


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card