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Q: Does a medium have control over who they speak to?

Great Question! The answer is no,  a medium has no control over who comes forward. There’s as much free will on the other side as there is here and a medium cannot force specific people to come forward.  

Q;  What was your first experience that made you think you may have a gift?

I was a teenager when I REALLY knew I had a gift. At sleepovers or in public I would just see, know, or feel things that I shouldn't have. My parents would think I was just trying to get  attention. Which wasn't the case. When I lost my grandma, she came to me right after. She was my best friend. I wish I could connect with her now, but us mediums cannot read ourselves.

Q; Do negative spirits come through?

Yes, of course. If someone was so negative during their physical life, they may come across as negative spirits as well. I only accept messages from the light and from heaven. I do come across negative messages as well, but us mediums choose not to pass along messages that are not for the higher purpose of healing.